Thursday, September 9, 2010


22Miles is an industry-leading provider of interactive touch-based, natural user interface products.

Activ8-3D are the world leaders in 3D holographic projection displays.

Pong Research Corporation was founded by an international team of scientists with unique expertise in the fields of plasma physics, environmental science, electrical engineering, antenna design, and health sciences. Among their breakthrough discoveries, Pong's scientists gained an understanding of how to "direct" radiation through the use of electromagnetic fields—the very science now embedded into every Pong case.

Belly Armor seeks to be the definitive resource for expecting mothers and families to protect their children against the harmful effects of everyday radiation by providing convenient to use products and the latest information on health risks.

AD4D is a technology house that provides ground breaking interactive systems for marketing-related technology solutions and professional consultation with unique strategic vision and concepts to prestigious brands in this fast changing world.

AirWall should be imagined as a big, invisible plane. We will manage the content by stretching out our hand, diving it into the plane and moving it. No need for any special tool, gloves or film.

Alioscopy a leader in 3D technology, community and digital signage solutions, represents one of the most significant leaps forward in autostereoscopic 3D experiences on the market today.

KirlianLab Aura Emulation Camera is essentially a major brand, technically advanced, one-step instant camera modified with special electronics and fiber optics to produce colorful aura photographs of people, animals and other subjects.

Aura Video Station Photo Camera, Aura Video Station, Kirlian Photography and Aura Shop Products.

Berkeley Bionics ExoWorks exoskeleton, known as BLEEX (Berkeley Lower Extremity Exoskeletons) consists of a pair of bionic legs that assist a wearer in locomotion and in the support of heavy loads.

BodyBeats is an interactive musical wall that turns your body into a musical instrument.

Brain Sync programs have been clinically tested with a record-breaking 87% success rate and are offered to patients at America's most prestigious hospitals. EEG studies conducted at Harvard Body Mind Medical School and UCLA concluded that Kelly Howell's Brain Wave Audio Technology® prompts brain activity into extraordinary body-mind states.

Hemi-Sync's binaural beat CDs can help you experience enhanced mental, physical, and emotional states.

Centerpointe Research Institute had its modest beginnings in the fall of 1989. Bill Harris and Wes Wait, both with a long-term interest in meditation and personal growth, had spent the previous four years with a small circle of friends researching and personally experiencing the effects of what later evolved into Centerpointe Research Institute's Holosync® audio technology.

Catchyoo interactive floor system adds a multidimensional depth of field To interactive FX on floor.

Globoccess AG produces precision high-tech products based on the best technologies available. Planet earth simulated on "tactile digital globes" in such a realistic way that the diversity and fascination of the original images from space are experienced by the observer.

Obscura Digital Introducing the CueLightTM Interactive Pool Table System by Obscura Digital.
Transform any pool table into a digitally-enhanced video experience. High-definition imagery responds in real-time to every shot. User-selectable themes yield infinite possibilities.

DITOC We own our technology platform which captures the position of the body and allows body movement to interact in real-time with displayed content.

Blucigs electronic cigarette looks and taste like a real cigarette.

Electronic Shadow Architecture and design between the real world and the virtual.

ENERGENX, INC. has developed core technologies based on an electromagnetic hybrid motor/generator, and on a new methodology for an improved charging process for batteries.

EyeClick offers an innovative platform for interactive out-of-home media displays. Our system integrates into any open space creating dynamic floor, wall, window, and table displays.

Flare is a modular system to create a dynamic hull for facades or any building or wall surface. Acting like a living skin, it allows a building to express, communicate and interact with its environment.

FogScreen projection screen, produces a thin curtain of “dry” fog that serves as a translucent projection screen, displaying images that literally float in the air. The result: stunning, attention-demanding displays with unlimited application possibilities!.

Front Pictures is a leading provider of interactive solutions for Ukrainian professional markets.

Philips Generative Art Research has been examining how to support artists in producing new expressions of art that combine traditional techniques with advanced technologies to create something very different. Known as Generative Art, these series of images never stop evolving, within the framework defined by the artist, yet never repeat themselves.

Touchpoint By combining tried and tested technology with a radical new way of thinking, we use this patented hologram technology (licensed from viZoo) to create a ground breaking mass marketing tool.

CYBERDYNE Inc. is a venture firm aiming to utilize accomplishments by Prof. Sankai and his laboratory at University of Tsukuba.
We strongly believe that technologies should be designed for the benefits of humankind. We will be focusing on strong R&D and will introduce very new products and services to the society.

HypoSurface is the World's first display system where the screen surface physically moves!.

iBar is a system for the interactive design of any bar-counter. Integrated video-projectors can project any content on the milky bar-surface. The intelligent tracking system of iBar detects all objects touching the surface.

Illusion Labs specializes in WOW factor applications and games for iPhone, iPad and Google Android. We combine engineering and aesthetics to create fun and appealing pieces of work. Some of our strongest sides are graphics, physics simulation, and novel interaction such as accelerometer and multi-touch.

LitStudios Inhouse tech projects and musings.

Natural Interaction Intuitive relationships between humans and technology.

iQRite Touch Frame is the world’s first kitset touch frame designed for a wide range of applications and any surface or digital display technology.

Impressx Based in Duesseldorf, Vienna and London, impressx develops and markets interactive floor and wall projection media which use infrared technology to register human motion.

Kiva Systems, Inc. uses game-changing automation technology for distribution centers that helps companies simplify operations and reduce costs while increasing strategic flexibility. Using hundreds of autonomous mobile robots and sophisticated control software, the Kiva Mobile-robotic Fulfillment System enables extremely fast cycle times with reduced labor requirements, from receiving to picking to shipping - all without conveyor.

Lightspace provides cutting edge interactive lighting and entertainment products to numerous industries including Nightclubs, Family Entertainment Centers, Theme Parks, Fashion Shows, Special Events Stage Lighting and Sound, Health Clubs and Architectural Lighting & Design.

LM Productions StratoSphere - A full dome immersive environment producing an unforgettable visual experience.

Luminvision Ltd are creators and suppliers of innovative Audio-Visual Effects such as the ADVIS Interactive Floor Projection System.

MADRIX brand brings professional LED lighting control solutions based on innovative software and hardware to the lighting market.

MagicSymbol is a versatile interactive technology.

Interactive Productline Mindball Game is a game that goes against the conventional competitive concept, instead of activity and adrenalin it is calmness that marks the truly successful Mindball Game player. The goal is to be more relaxed than your opponent and thus move a physical ball away from you into your opponent’s goal; Winning by Relaxing!.

Mindflex Whenever you concentrate, you generate brainwave activity. Mindflex uses a variation of EEG technology to "read" the intensity of these brainwaves via sensors positioned on your forehead and ears. These sensors do not generate or interfere with brainwaves; they only read what is already there.

Moment Factory Ambiance, emotion and atmosphere
Transcend the boundaries of traditional media,
Reaching people in imaginative and meaningful ways.

Monster Media Monster Storefront programs provide a spectrum of options to best suit our clients marketing objectives ranging from static only vinylscapes to fully-integrated campaigns. Monster storefronts can be set up either outdoor (across building facades) or indoor (across mallscapes).

Multi-Touchscreen Multi-touch-sensing was designed to allow nontechies to do masterful things while allowing power users to be even more virtuosic."

CG4TV We proudly present you our high quality 3D animation studio, eager to service all your broadcast supply needs, including high-def (HD) video effects production, custom 3D graphics design, product visualization, digital architectural rendering, virtual set design, virtual news sets, custom design, modeling, digital content creation, high-definition resolution graphics, motion clip creation, digital backgrounds, ad footage, high definition animated film, animated characters and avatars, hd resolution clips and stock footage.

Nano Technologies has chosen the most qualified in the fields of visual and interactive Technologies to provide high quality solutions that tailor to first class businesses.

AquaSermo Millions of tiny illuminated water droplets cascade to the ground forming an image in mid air - a name, a logo, a message, even a picture.

Nebula is an interactive wall that reacts to touch by means of light. As soon as the wall is touched, it lights up. Different light effects can be created, such as drawings or points of light coming towards the user like little fireflies. Users can play a variety of (educational) games, e.g. recognising or drawing shapes, numbers and letters.

OpenViBE enables to design, test and use Brain-Computer Interfaces. Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) are communication systems that enable users to send commands to computers only by means of brain activity. Broadly speaking, OpenViBE can be used in many real-time neurosciences applications.

Perceptive Pixel develops and markets the most advanced true multi-touch solutions in the world.

Eyegiene is proud to announce and introduce a revolutionary solution to an old age problem: a lack of hygiene in public washroom.

Sensacell system is ideal for creating immersive interactive experiences - Sensacell combines magical ‘touch-free’ sensing capabilities with stunning color LED graphics, text, sound and video.

Smallfly Methodical and playful, Hugues’ explorations into art and technology are pushing him to create media art projects about human-computer-human interactions.

Smart is the world’s leading provider of interactive whiteboards.

Tools For Healing has offered a wide variety of information and alternative products.

Sota Instruments based out of British Columbia, Canada, manufacturers bio-electric devices designed for use in alternative medicine.

NeuroGem CardioGem and NeuroGem Hard- and software for complete heart and brain coherence diagnosis and training.

R2D2 Nikko Projector
Must Have Gadgets for Star Wars Fanatics,
R2D2 Nikko Projector DVD Player.

Sustainable Dance Floor is the first dance floor that captures the energy of dancing. The energy produced by movement is converted into electricity that is used to make the dance floor react to the dancer in an interactive way.

N-ICE As specialists in the manufacture of synthetic materials since 1978, we are market leaders, with many presses producing high density, very high molecular weight polyethylene. Synthetic “ice” skating rinks.

Exmovere is a biomedical engineering company focused on government and consumer applications for healthcare, security and mobility. Our mission is to develop systems and technologies that make machines more intuitive, help families take care of each other and give hope to the disabled.

Amaret the Light Bead Curtain is an interactive musical installation that can be freely played by person's touch. The installation takes the form of a beaded curtain; strings of simple clear beads. Each bead, on a users touch, lights itself and emits a unique sound. People play with the curtain by weaving their hands through it, touching it with their faces, and moving through it with their body.

MultiTouch provides professional multitouch displays and software platforms.

Emotiv based on the latest developments in neurotechnology,the Emotiv EPOC is a revolutionary,
new personal interface for human computer interaction.

Cyberstein Robots LTD - Titan the Robot.

TouchMagix is a next gen digital media that engages consumers in a whole new experience that involves interaction.

Data-Touch Easily add touch screen input to your existing monitor or notebook with a touch screen overlay.

Traxon’s powerful line up of sustainable and reliable full turnkey lighting solutions is designed to meet every demand.

Tachi Lab is a leading laboratory in Virtual Reality and Telexistence.

UrbanScreen Large-scale projection on urban surfaces - this is our creative-company's field of activity.

Pexego Simulation is undoubtedly the most powerful tool available for education and training. PEXEGO offers its clients the possibility of generating complex simulations of complete production processes.

Virtual Realities is the world's leading supplier of 3D peripheral products, input/output devices, bundled software, and integrated systems to the corporate, industrial, entertainment, and military markets.

Virtual Reality is going to be used to document and share the development of a complete Virtual Reality system designed primarily for entertainment.

Virtual provides strong knowledge and know-how based on over 15 years of experience in the field of virtual reality. We turn your projects and ideas into reality.

Virtual-IT company specializing in 3D graphics, the image communication and real-time 3D. Expert in multi-touch technology.

Virtusphere, Inc. develops and markets a locomotion platform that allows users to be completely immersed into their interactive virtual experience.

Amusitronix We are a full service rental production company specializing in bringing the world’s newest and coolest virtual reality experiences, interactive games, and simulators to events in the USA & Canada.

Worlds Nests Green Home Buildings - Natural Roads - Waste Water - Air to Water Renewable Energy - Sustainable Architectures - Solar Ozone Hydrogen - Solar - Wind - Waste to Energy - Solar Steam Engine Green Tesla Sustainable Homes.

YourSurface is one of the UK’s leading manufactures and suppliers of multi-touch surfaces and business software applications for the Commercial market, and known for our computer surface integration into fine quality office, leisure and retail furniture.

ZPrinter 3D printers quickly and affordably turn product and building designs into physical color models, streamlining the design process.

Safe Living Technologies Our commitment at Safe Living Technologies is to help people live safely within today’s technology. Our first goal is education: allow people to understand their environment and its effects on their health.

Hi-Power Cycles We believe that electric transportation is the way of the future. High gas prices, noise, and pollution are now a thing of the past! Enjoy the fruits of monumental breakthroughs in lithium battery technology that allows you to have longer range, higher speeds, more power, and up to 5x less weight than old SLA battery technology.

Phlatboyz we created the Phlatprinter which is an affordable CNC Machine that was specially designed for the R/C modeler.

Neurowear People think that our bodies have limitations, but just imagine if we had organs that don't exist, and could control that new body.

Sun Ovens is the most enjoyable renewable of all known cooking fuels. It rises every morning and is free. SUN OVENS® enable the sun to bake, boil, and steam a wide variety of food while enhancing the taste and benefiting the environment.

HeatGenie provides participating brands the opportunity to set themselves apart from their competitors and deliver the on-the-go convenience consumers demand.

Virgin Galactic Airline offering suborbital spaceflights with a new version of SpaceShipOne.

Toyota Knowing that as times change, transportation needs also change, Toyota has been developing new forms of transportation which have increased flexibility for personal mobility, allowing new levels of fun and freedom in travel.

Wally Herm├Ęs Yachts a partnership founded on the design, development and construction of products based on state-of-the-art technologies.

Terrafugia company’s mission is to provide innovative solutions to the challenges facing personal aviation. The result: the Transition® Roadable Aircraft.

Segway is the leader in personal, green transportation, developing products that transform the way you work, play and live.

Moller International has developed the first and only feasible, personally affordable, personal vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) vehicle the world has ever seen.

Martin Jetpack is the world’s first practical jetpack. It consists of a purpose-built gasoline engine driving twin ducted fans which produce sufficient thrust to lift the aircraft and a pilot in vertical takeoff and landing, enabling sustained flight.

Jetlev Technologies, Inc. is proud to introduce the Jetlev R200, the recreational jetpack that almost anyone can enjoy over water. It is designed for safety, stability, ease-of-use, and precise and effortless flight controls. Learn basic flight with video-assisted training on land and as little as six minutes of on-water instructions.

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